“Neighborhoods help”

“Neighborhoods help”

At SUD RECOVERY CENTERS we take responsibility for our actions and their impact on the communities that we live in throughout Wisconsin. We strive to be involved in community activities that aim to solve social problems not only with respect to Substance Use and Mental Disorders, but also with respect to discrimination, poverty and other social ills. We seek to promote economic and social justice.  We provide financial and material support to community organizations whose values we share.  Examples of organizations, events and activities we participate in include:

At SUD RECOVERY CENTERS, we celebrate the rich diversity of America.  Freddie Smith, Member of our Executive Management Team, represented us and participated in the 2021 Juneteenth Day celebrations of Washington County.

At SUD RECOVERY CENTERS, we believe that “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt.

We are a proud sponsor of the “Youth Empowerment Fundraiser”, helping to create a brighter tomorrow for our youth.

At SUD RECOVERY CENTERS, we believe that youth and family are key to building strong communities.  We are proud to sponsor “Agape Love Ministries Youth Outreach Event”.


At SUD RECOVERY CENTERS, we believe that families getting together to share food and have fun makes for strong, vibrant communities.  We were proud to provide financial support for “Hood Love Community Pop-Up Event”.

At SUD RECOVERY CENTERS, in our programming we seek to educate men about the scourge of domestic abuse and empower women to free themselves from their abusers. We are proud to support www.ExposedThePodcast.com

At SUD RECOVERY CENTERS, we believe that children are our future.  We are proud to sponsor and participate in “Rock da Block Concert and Bookbag Giveaway.

For 21 consecutive years in a row, during the months of November and December we reached out to all the neighbors in our block and provided them with holiday gift cards for Thanksgiving and for Christmas.  At SUD RECOVERY CENTERS, we believe in being good corporate citizens.


On July 16, 2022 we participated in and financially contributed to the “Youth Panel about Violence, Drugs and Mental Health”. 

Kids are our future. Let’s nurture them. We are proud to be a supporter of ALL 4 KIDZ.  https://www.all4kidz.org/


Proud supported of “STOP THE VIOLENCE” party.

We are committed to working with our neighbors to keep our neighborhood litter-free, clean and beautiful.  Our employees participated in the Blitz the Block Clean Up on Friday, August 26, 2022.

Our Company is committed to being a good corporate citizen.  We distributed gift cards to all our immediate neighbors in order to allow them to buy turkeys and other items to celebrate Thanksgiving 2022.



Holiday Gift Card-Thanksgiving





Holiday Gift Card-Thanksgiving




Holiday Gift Card-Thanksgiving



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